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Welcome to the website of Narus

(what a clever creature!)

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Narus ready to explore

By now you might have met Narus.  

He is a loveable character who does his best in each circumstance.  


Narus will teach young children by example when encountering situations that may require some awareness and emotional intelligence.

On this website you can learn more about the books, author and idea behind the story.  You will be able to show children pictures and download colouring pages and puzzles (soon to follow).


Feel free to sign up to hear when new books are being released and if you really want to get in touch with Neil and Narus, send us a message on the contact page.

The Angry Rat who met Narus
The Adventures of Narus book 1

Book 1

In Book 1 Mr Rat is struggling to move home... Narus finds a way to help. 

In Book 2 something is hiding in the tall grass.  Narus finds out and lends a hand.

(other books available on Amazon... just search and keep curious!)

The Adventues of Narus book 2
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