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Neil lives in London and has been studying psychology since the age of 17.  

Continuing the love of psychology, Neil has trained with the Gestalt Centre in London and The Psychosynthesis Trust as a counselling therapist.


Neil has worked with children in a wide variety of settings, from international charity activities to family and career related activities.


This work with children and the background in psychology, inspired Neil to produce books that fuse awareness, psychology and child appeal to produce a simple and understandable take on emotion and self-awareness for young children.


The central figure of Narus (meaning knowledge or awareness in latin) has a tranquil and centred home under a cherry blossom tree, in the clearing of a forest.


 Here Narus can really contemplate life. The cherry blossom tree symbolises this connection to 'I' and 'Self', and the transience of life.  His exploration of the forest could also be considered an exploration of himself.

As Narus encounters new characters, he takes time to connect with feeling and awareness to work out what is really happening in an attempt to find a compassionate solution to problems that will benefit everyone.

In the end, Narus returns to the blossom with a 'gift' that he connects with the tree.

As the books progress you will notice the cherry blossom starts to collect the memories and experience of Narus and his adventures.


The books are aimed at 2-6 year olds and resist a temptation to be overly-complicated.  

Children at this age can be quite clear about what they are thinking and feeling, albeit unable to articulate with precision.

The adult reader can take time to look at the pictures and ask the child to engage with the emotion of the character and process at the time.  How does Narus look here?  What do you think he feels like?  What would you do in the situation?

You will also notice on each page the fun 'blue bug' to add interest, children can be asked if they can find it.  

The books aren't so much about 'head education' as they are about 'heart education'.

Illustrations by the brilliant

Iryna Smirnova

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